Pacific Northwest Marine Life & Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest


Welcome fellow enthusiasts! The prime objective of my two books, Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest and Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest, is to allow folks – be they beachcombers, divers, kayakers, fishermen, whomever – to make the initial connection between themselves and the featured organisms. Hopefully, answering the often-asked question “What was that strange ‘beastie’ or ‘thing’ I saw?” Putting a name to a seaweed, invertebrate or fish is a critical first step in a learning process. Young or old, novice or expert, we all begin with here. Often this magical initial encounter leads to an appreciation of this living thing’s ‘value’ and ultimately, a desire for its well being as a species.

While proud of these publications and their acceptance by a growing cadre of the curious. I (and my co-authors) realize that these books are but ‘snap shots in time’ and imprisoned by their publication dates. As I continue to enjoy Pacific Northwest marine life, new observations and fresh discoveries delightfully continue. Underwater updates to be passed along to fellow aficionados.

For the ultimate marine life enthusiasts, a consistently updated version of Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest (now over 10 years) is available online, via subscription at KnowBC.